JENS MALMGREN I create, that is my hobby.


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About: ArtistsBlog posts about: Artists3
About: BloggingBlog posts about: Blogging91
About: Going to an exhibitionThis is a category of blog posts of me visiting an exhibition. It can also be about me displaying images at an exhibition10
About: FramingBlog posts about: Framing1
About: MaterialBlog posts about: Material12
Series: Building a new houseSeries: Building a new house. Designed it in Fusion 360. Had a builder build it. Finishing it so that we can live in it.98
Series: Python, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine LearningSeries: Programming Python, Learning Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning8
Motive: AnimalsPaintings and drawings of: Animals31
Motive: FantasyPaintings and drawings of: Fantasy13
Motive: IllusionisticPaintings and drawings of: Illusionistic39
Motive: LandscapePaintings and drawings of: Landscape84
Motive: ModelPaintings and drawings of: Model169
Motive: PortraitPaintings and drawings of: Portrait77
Motive: Still LifePaintings and drawings of: Still Life89
Organization: AquarelmerePaintings and drawings made at: Aquarelmere139
Organization: GiselaPaintings and drawings made at: Gisela9
Organization: Karmen RichardsonPaintings and drawings made at: Drawing/Painting sessions arranged by Karmen Richardson8
Organization: KunstliniePaintings and drawings made at: Kunstlinie21
Organization: Studio De StokerPaintings and drawings made at: Stoker146
Series: Climate ActivistsSeries: This is a series of posts about paintings and drawings of climate activists.14
Type: AcrylicMade with: Acrylic47
Type: Animation 2dMade with: Animation 2d3
Type: AquarelleMade with: Aquarelle236
Type: CeramicMade with: Ceramic8
Type: DrawingMade with: Drawing40
Type: GraphiteMade with: Graphite3
Type: Linoleum CutMade with: Linoleum Cut1
Type: MusicMade with: Music9
Type: OilMade with: Oil155
Type: Paper CuttingMade with: Paper Cutting2
Type: Photography 2dMade with: Photography 2d78
Type: YouTubeMade with: YouTube4



Latest post of every Category:

About: Artists
How much is a 'Jens Wet Panels Box'?

About: Blogging
Sounds in the blogsystem

About: Going to an exhibition
Max Lieberman exhibition at The Municipal Museum of The Hague

About: Framing

About: Material
Dusk You and I on 6 December 2018

Series: Building a new house
Finished the foundation of the heat pump

Series: Python, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning
Archiving program in Python

Motive: Animals
Butterfly on flower 25 January 2018

Motive: Fantasy
Replaced downpipes for the fourth time

Motive: Illusionistic
Animation of an illusionistic letter J warping into other shapes and back

Motive: Landscape
View over the Storsjön lake in Jämtland, Sweden on 5 March 2020

Motive: Model
Suzana 8 March 2020

Motive: Portrait
Showing who I am is resistance

Motive: Still Life
Still life under lamp

Organization: Aquarelmere
Showing who I am is resistance

Organization: Gisela
Lemon and Garlic

Organization: Karmen Richardson
Nienke 19 December 2018

Organization: Kunstlinie
Suzana 8 March 2020

Organization: Studio De Stoker
Sam 1 March 2020

Series: Climate Activists
Portrait of Patsy on 11 April 2020

Type: Acrylic
Alyssa 28 December 2018

Type: Animation 2d
Electrician started

Type: Aquarelle
Arshak Makichyan, a Russian climate activist.

Type: Ceramic
Slender Sculpture

Type: Drawing
Two Greta cartoons

Type: Graphite
Anna-Maria 28 of November 2018

Type: Linoleum Cut
Spruce tops

Type: Music
Jens at Dancefair 2016!

Type: Oil
Suzana 8 March 2020

Type: Paper Cutting
Eight pentagrams in a circle around an octagonal star

Type: Photography 2d
Started putting up planks on the north wall

Type: YouTube
Export YouTube Music Playlist to Excel using Word

I was born 1967 in Stockholm, Sweden. I grew up in the small village Vågdalen in north Sweden. 1989 I moved to Umeå to study Computer Science at University of Umeå. 1995 I moved to the Netherlands where I live in Almere not far from Amsterdam.

Here on this site I let you see my creations.

I create, that is my hobby.