JENS MALMGREN I create, that is my hobby.

How to draw a portrait with likeliness

I have been obsessed with drawing portraits with likeliness for some time now, seven years, and during my journey, I collected many tips and tricks. Even though I am not totally mastering drawing with likeliness, I sat down and wrote a document about how to draw a with the likeness and this document is available here.

It is a short explanation over eleven pages. It contains tips that it has taken me years to figure out. There is also an explanation for how to use computer programs to help you learn portraiture quicker.

Please download and try out!

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I was born 1967 in Stockholm, Sweden. I grew up in the small village Vågdalen in north Sweden. 1989 I moved to Umeå to study Computer Science at University of Umeå. 1995 I moved to the Netherlands where I live in Almere not far from Amsterdam.

Here on this site I let you see my creations.

I create, that is my hobby.