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Porting my blog for the second time, render posts part 7

This is post #29 of my series about how I port this blog from Blogengine.NET 2.5 ASPX on a Windows Server 2003 to a Linux Ubuntu server, Apache2, MySQL and PHP. A so called LAMP. The introduction to this project can be found in this blog post

The easiest way to remove the deleted posts while parsing the XML files is to avoid adding them in the first place. As soon as we know that an XML file is of a post that has been deleted we just stop processing it. Here is how I did this in my Perl program:

if ($dictBoolFieldToValue{"isdeleted"} == 1)

Later when I start working on entering new blog posts I will need to come back to the deletion of posts but for now this is sufficient. In my previous post I started resolving the URLs. I prefixed all URLs with the path to the images but that is not sufficient. Only local URLs should have that prefix. To find out what type of URL it is I need to adjust the query of the URL handling routine slightly.

preg_match_all("/({URL:[0-9]+})/", $strContent, $matches, PREG_OFFSET_CAPTURE );
$matches_terms = $matches[1];
for ($i = count($matches_terms) - 1; $i ≻= 0; $i--)
	$match_term_position = $matches_terms[$i];
	$match_term = $match_term_position[0];
	$match_position = $match_term_position[1];
	$strDataBaseLookupId = preg_replace("/{URL:([0-9]+)}/", "$1", $match_term);
	$query = "SELECT FileName, IsLocalURL, Target FROM URL WHERE ID = '$strDataBaseLookupId'";
	$result = $mysqli-≻query($query) or die("Error query.." . mysqli_error($mysqli));
	$strFileName = "?";
	$iIsLocalURL = 1;
	$strTarget = "";

	if ($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result))
		$strFileName = $row["FileName"];
		$iIsLocalURL = $row["IsLocalURL"];
		$strTarget = $row["Target"];
	if ($iIsLocalURL)
		$strContent = substr_replace($strContent, '/images/' . $strFileName, $match_position, strlen($match_term));
		$strContent = substr_replace($strContent, $strTarget, $match_position, strlen($match_term));

The query is now also getting IsLocalURL and Target. Then if the URL is a local URL I prefix with the path to the images. Otherwise i insert the full target.

This is working really well but I have more work to do because when I linked to my own pages on my own blog then I need to detect these links and prepare them differently. But that is for another time.

I was born 1967 in Stockholm, Sweden. I grew up in the small village Vågdalen in north Sweden. 1989 I moved to Umeå to study Computer Science at University of Umeå. 1995 I moved to the Netherlands where I live in Almere not far from Amsterdam.

Here on this site I let you see my creations.

I create, that is my hobby.