JENS MALMGREN I create, that is my hobby.

Hourglass with impossible frame

This is one of the first illusionistic drawings that I find in my stash of old drawings. This drawing is made in 1983. In Sweden, we had Oscar Reutersvärds drawings on stamps. I suppose that was the initial inspiration for trying to make these "jokes".

Little did I know that I would learn more about the Dutch illusionistic artist M. C. Escher and also that for some people am I most known for my illusionistic paintings.

Oh well... Maybe this blogging can make my other work more known as well. What you see here is an hourglass with an impossible frame.


I was born 1967 in Stockholm, Sweden. I grew up in the small village Vågdalen in north Sweden. 1989 I moved to Umeå to study Computer Science at University of Umeå. 1995 I moved to the Netherlands where I live in Almere not far from Amsterdam.

Here on this site I let you see my creations.

I create, that is my hobby.