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Rebuilt the hay shed

This week, we continued our decluttering projects. DW indoors and me outdoors. I rebuilt the hay shed. This time, I used roof tiles for the roof.

Monday 11 September

Today, we worked from the office.

Tuesday 12 September

Today, I planned to work from home. DW took the bus to her office. It did not turn out as I expected. I had not logged out sufficiently yesterday, so I could not log in from my home office.

In the evening, we harvested corn for the first time! The corn was germinated all over; it was sweet and lovely.

Wednesday 13 September

In the morning, it was windy and rainy; hopefully, it is not getting so hot the rest of the year. I worked from home. At some point, I had a home office companion. DW went to the hairdresser.

After lunch, DW cut my hair. It was about time. The last time I got my hair cut was just before DD's birthday party. It got sunny, 20 degrees Celsius. Perfect weather for continuing the outdoor declutter project.

I went outside and filled the small trailer with rubble. It was already feeling unusual to work outside. After filling the trailer, I looked at the garden along our driveway, "my garden." A neighbor then saw me and invited me to impromptu tea. I could not just have a cup of tea alone, so I called DW to join us. She did, and it was lovely. I like to have these new social interactions. We never had that at our old house.

In the evening, I did not do any hobby projects. I was not inspired to do anything.

Thursday 14 September

Today, we both worked from the office. My colleagues were treated with another monster courgette. DW had a hectic day and suggested we buy a vegetarian burger on the way home.

After dinner, I worked on the microphone program. I got the program to work with the latest Scott Plot library. That was nice. It is strange that after about 3.5 milliseconds, the graph is not updating so often. I will look into that next time.


Friday 15 September

Today, the weather was back to comfortable temperatures. That is something that will be less common in the future. We will have too hot all the time, I am afraid. Perhaps the winter will be okay.

In the morning, we checked up on Hannah. It is as if her wound is healing quicker and quicker. The new skin has a new fur that is about a half-inch thick.

We both went to the office today. DW had a long and hectic day at the office. I decided to make dinner for us. I had something special in mind: Corn grilled over open fire, spears with bell pepper, onion, etc., served with salad from the salad beds and parsley and pine nuts.

For this to work, I had to have a fire. A couple of weeks ago, on 26 August, I discarded the top of the old wood stove. I wanted to show the result, but that never happened until now.

Loaded a couple of chunks in the stove.

It burned nicely.

Here I am, grilling the corn. I had oiled the corn and fed the fire when the oil spilled out.



I must say the spears tasted nicely of natural barbeque flavor. The onion was not finished, though. I boiled the corn in water and then grilled it. It had no grilling flavor at all. All in all, we got fed; that was the objective. It was unsuccessful in all aspects of the food, but I enjoyed the trial.

Saturday 16 September

This morning, I browsed through the heating/cooling system statistics. The system has a mode for heating the boiler and another for heating/cooling the floors. I discovered that when the system finishes heating the boiler, it does not let the heat drop to regular floor temperatures. Instead, it switches to floor mode too quickly so that the floors receive hot water. This is about nine minutes long.

It was great to have a day off with no have-to. Not only that, the weather was not too hot or cold. We talked about our indoor decluttering project. For the next step, we need a cupboard in our bedroom. That will make it possible to eliminate more boxes that DW got in her hobby room. We settled on an IKEA cupboard but did not know how and when to get it.

After breakfast, I took the small trailer to the recycling center and discarded the things I had loaded in the trailer last Wednesday.

Instead of loading the trailer with more stuff, I started to set up the hay barn. We had a temporary construction next to the driveway before we bought the tiny house for DS. This time, we set it up next to the driveway, on the other side, beside the salad beds.

I put the pallets on stones to elevate them from the clay. I hope it will be sufficient. This will prevent the pallets from rotting.

The material of the barn will not litter the area behind the sea container, so this project is also part of the decluttering project. Besides, when I finish setting up the barn, I will know what pieces of the rest of the pallets we need and can discard.

Last time, on 11 December 2021, we had a horizontal roof made of tarp. This time, we decided to step up the game a little and use roof tiles. DW thinks the shed will be replaced by a permanent one earlier this time, but I am unsure. Things take so much time.

I laid out tiles to determine how many were needed and how we would put them on the construction. We got four rows of nine tiles, 36 tiles in total. Here is where I stopped working on this project today.

The work on the temporary hey barn had been so intense I did not feel like programming on the microphone project this evening. I sat planlessly, scrolling feeds on my phone. It's a bit useless, actually.

Sunday 17 September

We were a bit slow this morning. It was as if a week's work combined with hot weather made us unusually tired. Eventually, we got the day started. I wanted to progress the shed project. It will be great if the decluttering and the fence are finished before the winter is here.

We went to the grocery store today, where we met the lady that gave us Merida. She informed herself about the progress. We told her that Merida sometims don't want to be petted.

After the grocery store I went to the hardware store and bought two tarps and eight studs. I bought tarps that were green gray in color on one side and bright orange on the orther side.

First, I enforced the roof with more studs. I made them triangular to improve the sideway stability of the whole construction.

Then, I wrapped the shed in the tarp. I used the screws leftover from DWs cupboard. Now, I could put studs on the roof that the tiles will rest on. I placed a row of tiles on each side to locate the studs correctly.

From then on, I had to fill the roof with 36 tiles.

As a finishing touch, I mounted boards on the sides of the roof beside the bottom. There is sufficient tarp left over to wrap the door, but I will work on that another day. I just put the old door wrapped in a blue tarp inside the shed. I think this roof will be magnificent! There are enough openings to ventilate the shed, and moisture is repelled sufficiently. These two things are vital. It is all about debit and credit. Is there as little moisture coming in, and is it possible for the moisture inside to come out, then the things inside are sufficiently dry.

This construction is suitable for strong winds. Already, the previous shed behaved well in storms. I wonder how the tiles will do when it storms; that is something new we have not tried before.

There is a tiny overhang above the door. I am not sure if that is sufficient. I can figure out many things to improve the construction if it is insufficient. I do think this is an excellent achievement for this week.

I was born 1967 in Stockholm, Sweden. I grew up in the small village Vågdalen in north Sweden. 1989 I moved to Umeå to study Computer Science at University of Umeå. 1995 I moved to the Netherlands where I live in Almere not far from Amsterdam.

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I create, that is my hobby.