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We worked on the decluttering project

This week, we worked on the decluttering project.

Monday 28 August

We worked from the office today.

Tuesday 29 August

Today, we worked from home the whole day. In the afternoon, we found a colorful caterpillar in the front garden. It is a swallowtail. Several species of swallowtail eat the leaves of carrots. Well, this caterpillar was found in the carrot bed. The butterflies of these caterpillars are colorful.

In the evening, I started on a new pet project: Make a program that reads my laptop's microphone. The idea is that I will make a program that has some form of visual effects to show while I play music. Unfortunately, the microphone did not produce any output as I had expected. I was clueless about the reason. I decided to download another example and leave the sample as unchanged as possible so that I would know it did not work because of my changes to the code. It did not work either.

Really late DD came to us.

Wednesday 30 August

Today, I worked the whole day from the office. This was because I had a meeting IRL at the office and would bring DD to the dentist tomorrow. I compensated for that off-time in advance.

I had a really successful meeting!

This evening, I found that the microphone had been turned off. My program actually worked the whole time! Now, I can figure out how to work with the sound data from the computer.

Thursday 31 August

This morning, we discovered that Hannah had lost the crust of her big wound. Today, I worked from home for a change. Before lunchtime, I brought DD to the dentist to remove a wisdom tooth. It was not a funny experience for DD. We took it easy to get home. Stopped a couple of times. After two hours, she was fine again. When I returned from the dentist, I continued my work from home.

When we treated Hannah in the evening, a little blood came when we removed the infected crust. It was the first time this happened. We interpreted this as there is healthy tissue at the big wound.

Friday 1 September

Today, DW worked from home, and I went to the office. My favorite radio station, SLAM, lost its frequency in a frequency auction, so I had to reprogram the radio in the car. The new sender of SLAM was less potent, so it was more noisy. Perhaps I need to arrange that I can stream in the car. I need an unlimited data subscription and a streaming device in the car. We will see how this goes.

At work, I met my colleague I borrowed the DJ controller from for the summer birthday party. He told me he had sold his controller. He had seen me use my controller and decided it was too tricky to DJ. It was sad to hear this; chatting about DJing with a colleague at work would have been much fun.

In the evening, DW made dinner, and I did the ointment of Hannah myself. It was the first time I did it. When I gave treats, one of the sheep got a little too greedy and almost took a bite of my hand. That was unpleasant. For the rest, the ointment came on very well on Hannah.

In the evening, I did not program my sound program. Instead, I practiced transitioning from one song to another by putting the first in a loop, adding echo and fade out. It wasn't easy. I had to practice more. I also discovered I got plenty of songs at 125 BPM. There are fewer songs between 90 and 118 BPM. Perhaps I can find more good songs in that range.

Saturday 2 September

It was misty in the morning, 17 degrees Celsius. It was an active day; I brought pallets to the recycling center two times. The first time was easy because I filled the trailer last week. I had to fill the container for the next round and strained my back while dragging the pallets.

On the second trip with the trailer, I brought DD to the train station. Then, I continued to the recycling center. I got help unloading the pallets; that was fantastic.

When the trailer was empty, I went to the second-hand near the recycling center. I went there because I had changed my mind. I wanted to have the sound system that I found last weekend. When I stood there at the shelf of sound systems, I also found a giant subwoofer for 39 euros. I bought that, too.

When I came home, I tried the subwoofer with the prominent speaker. The woofer had a broken sound. I discovered that the backplate missed six screws. I had replacement screws for that with rubber rings. That worked well. The sound of the entire PA system was massive. Almost scary. I tried the sound with several songs, and this PA system is sufficient for smaller parties.

In the evening, I continued with the microphone program. This time, I wanted to find and download a sample doing Fourier transformation on the sound to identify frequencies. It did not work. I will migrate the Fourier transformation calculations from this sample project to the earlier project I worked on last Wednesday, where the microphone did work.

We gave the sheep a new area along the border, outside the dyke on the west and north sides of the property. Later, we will restrict their access to the area where they are right now on the south and west side inside the dyke.

A neighbor came and borrowed the ground drill. It was a lovely evening.

Sunday 3 September

It was lovely weather today. First, we went on a visit to friends with a newborn baby. They got a courgette and baby socks that DW had made.

Then we had lunch and let out Merida in the garden after lunch. She had a leach because we are not sure she is aware of the surroundings of our house. It was a successful walk in the garden. It helped that it was calm wind.

Next, I went to the Dutch Spelmansstämma. I went there last year as well, on 4 September 2022. I recall I set up a challenge for myself that I wanted to play a solo part, but that did not happen. I have not practiced at all.

I vaguely remembered I had come home really late last year. This year I decided to go to the party by car. I came back home much earlier.

We even had time to treat Hannah with ointment and go for a walk. It was a lovely sunset.

Then, I blogged and worked on the microphone program.

Here ends this week's blog. The main achievement this week must be that we continued on the decluttering project. DW unpacked boxes into the cupboard, and I brought pallets to the recycling center.

I was born 1967 in Stockholm, Sweden. I grew up in the small village Vågdalen in north Sweden. 1989 I moved to Umeå to study Computer Science at University of Umeå. 1995 I moved to the Netherlands where I live in Almere not far from Amsterdam.

Here on this site I let you see my creations.

I create, that is my hobby.