JENS MALMGREN I create, that is my hobby.

Merida sterilised

Merida was sterilised this week. DW painted a large part of the staircase hall. I worked on the drawing of the shed.

Monday 1 April

Today, we had a compulsory holiday celebrating a fantasy figure who woke up from a coma about 2k years ago. It was overcast. We both forgot to turn off our alarms, so we woke up at our regular time. Except biologically, we wake up one hour earlier due to daylight saving time.

I kept feeling tired for a long time. Perhaps I got something of DW cold. It isn't easy to say.

DW cut my hair today. I had to make it wet. It is easier to cut the hair when it is wet.

It was a good day; I was not fooled at all.

Tuesday 2 April

Today, we both went to our offices. There were not that many people at the office. Strictly speaking, I didn't need to go there, but I followed the flow. It was a little chill at the office.

I had a good, productive day, so that was nice. There was no apparent progress at the puzzle table, and I had no time to lay any pieces, so it stayed as it was last week.

It was strange that, from my point of view, one workday was lost. Tomorrow, it will already be Wednesday. Those compulsory holidays are messing with my head.

Wednesday 3 April

This day went really quick. In the morning, I worked from home. DW had a day off, and she worked on preparing to paint the staircase. Taping surfaces that should not be painted, she painted the corners. There are really many corners to paint.

I worked on the workshop project. I cleared the things at the west wall. Our order from the seed webshop arrived.

In the evening, DW went to a meeting at the road association. Unfortunately, a quorum was not reached, so the effort was in vain.

DD came to us this evening. It has been a long time since she came to us. We had dinner together, and then we talked about cameras. DD needs a camera. She concluded she would buy a Sony A6700 with a Sigma 18 to 50 millimeters lens. It looks like a good choice. With that, she can film B-roll sequences in slow motion.

Thursday 4 April

This was the big day for Merida. DW went to her office, and I worked from home. DS woke up late. I think she was a cat in an earlier life. I was a bit nervous about this operation. Especially the part about getting her into her travel box. That was a bit chaotic once, and I did not want to repeat it. I wanted a calm and absolutely controlled situation.

About 15 minutes before it was time to drive to the veterinary clinic, DS came. He started playing with Merida. Now, that was not the situation I had anticipated. I explained that this was not the moment to play with her, but he did not understand how I felt about it. He thought I wanted him to play with Merida more calmly. I asked him to leave, but perhaps I had an edge in my voice. DD did not appreciate my position. Instead of being calm, there was tension, which was not good. Well, Merida got into her travel box without any hitch. DD and I went to the veterinarian, and we arrived on time.

We delivered Merida. I signed a form agreeing to the operation. I was okay but a little numb. I did not reflect on what sort of anesthesia they would use. It was not the type the doctor in Nieuwegein had prescribed but rather what the first veterinarian had decided on. So, the need for the trip to Niewegein and a couple of hundred Euros was nulled.

Then, I brought DD to the train station. She borrowed my camera just to be sure she had a camera. Then I went home. We will see when I will have my camera back. I worked from home. That went well. I was not nervous anymore.

The veterinarian called me and said I could pick up Merida at quarter to seven in the evening. I was there precisely on time. They told me I had to wait a little because Merida had a higher temperature. 40.3 degrees Celsius. They placed her in a colder room with ice packs in the box.

They gave me instructions on how to handle Merida when we got home. She got a can of food. A bottle with painkillers and an information leaflet. Tomorrow at 2 PM, she would get a painkiller.

The veterinary assistants were discussing the situation. On the one hand, Merida may not go home if she has a fever. On the other hand, the place closes at eight. At 7:30 PM, she had 40.6 degrees Celsius. That is less than when I came to the clinic.

The assistants had talked to the veterinarian, and it became clear that the anesthesia they used had a side effect: the patient could get an increased temperature. I did not tell them that throwing out a couple of hundred euros also has a side effect, that I also get an increased temperature.

At 20:08, she had 40.2, and I had to wait a little longer. At 20:20, she had 40.3 degrees. Although not an improvement, it was decided by the assistants that I take Merida home. The ideal temperature for a cat is 38.5 to 39.5 degrees Celcius. They wanted us to take the temperature every 20 minutes, but we did not do that.

At 21:10, she still had 40.3 degrees Celcius. We gave her food from the can, she appeared to like it but it was difficult to eat with the protective collar on.

At 22:00, she had 38.1 degrees. We then decided to put on her sweater. Then she drank water and a portion of her regular food.

Friday 5 April

Merida had handled the night very well. She hates her sweater sincerely, but it is better than an Elizabethian collar, pet cone, or lampshade.

Today, DW worked from home, and I went to the office. It was overcast today.

I had a meeting where we discussed the deadline. That was interesting.

DW gave Merida her painkiller as we were instructed.

At the puzzle table it appeard as if not a single piece had found a place in the puzzle since Tuesday.

In the evening, I was tired. I sat scrolling feeds of various sorts. I wrote a little on a song. I might not finish the song this week.

Saturday 6 April

It was lovely weather today. It was so nice that many people had divine feelings about the weather. Well, I was happy too. I let the sheep out.

We went to the farm animal supplies store and bought more stuff for our sheep. Then we went to the second-hand shop.

When we came back from our shopping tour a colleague to me came by to let me borrow a cat sweater. It was a little on the large side though but I was thankful anyhow.

For the rest of the day, I worked on drawing the shed. With this drawing, we will ask for offers from building companies.

Sunday 7 April

We woke up because Merida had peed on herself. Probably, she had seizure number eight. We had to remove her sweater and put it in the washing machine. We tried the replacement sweater, but it was too big. She had to wear her protective collar again while the sweater was drying.

I let out the sheep again. They enjoyed the dandelions.

We went to the PILs. FIL sat outside in the sun, he likes that. It was windy but the wind slowly died off. DW made a gift for MIL. It was a stuffed bird.

When we came home from the visit of the PILs DW started to paint the stair case hall. She painted all but the south wall and the wall above the door to the bathroom.

Today the sun went down in a sparkling orange color.

See you next week. I do hope it will be a less intense week.

I was born 1967 in Stockholm, Sweden. I grew up in the small village Vågdalen in north Sweden. 1989 I moved to Umeå to study Computer Science at University of Umeå. 1995 I moved to the Netherlands where I live in Almere not far from Amsterdam.

Here on this site I let you see my creations.

I create, that is my hobby.