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We got the tiny house

This week the tiny house got delivered.

Monday 5 June

Today I had a day off. It was not dedicated to resting from digging a hole yesterday. I had a day off because the plumber would come and prepare for the tiny house. His part of the operation for today was done in a couple of hours.

He put one jacket tube and one water pipe from our utility room to the location of the tiny house. The tube will initially hold one 3-phase electricity cable and one UTP data cable so the house has Internet and electricity.

Later we will pull another electricity cable through the same pipe; at least, that is the idea. I don't know how this idea will play out in the future; for now, it is the idea.

We also put in another pipe that ends at the house's east side. There somewhere we will have a loading station for a future e-car.

The plumber created a connection to the sewer pipe. This is for all the sewer water in the house, toilet, kitchen, and shower. We will not separate shower water from the toilet water. He also made a connection for the rainwater from the roof of the house; that pipe goes to our water collection pond.

Later when the house is delivered, he will return, but he got another hat on The electrician hat. Then he will make all the electrical connections for the house.

Already at lunchtime, he was done with his activities. Now it was my turn to fill up the hole. In the evening, I had finished that. I was so tired I forgot to take any photos.

Tuesday 6 June

Today I went to the office. During the lunch break, I went to a nearby second-hand shop to see if they had sound boxes. That was not the case. After work, I went to another second-hand shop where they had a sound system. It was large, heavy, and tall. It was also battered, so I negotiated a better price for the box. Instead of 130 euros, I got it for 50 euro. I was not allowed to listen to the system in the shop. It had to be a surprise deal.

The lady with the red hair from the tiny house company asked me to make a video of how it is to access the place of the house. To do that, I had to clear the area even more so the video would look nice.

I also disconnected the garden watering system's pipe to make the video look nice, but I forgot about it. Later the water program started and pumped water on the driveway for no good use. Oh well.

After dinner, I tried the sound box, and it worked sufficiently. It is not a marvelous sound but sufficient for holding a party!

Wednesday 7 June

This morning I took a picture of the situation at the house. You can even see the yellow pipe to the vegetable garden; it is disconnected.

After breakfast, I went out in the garden and discovered that the yellow hose had an endpoint with a stop function. That meant that the garden at the driveway had not had any water, but I had not spilled anything. That felt better.

DW had a day off, as she usually has on Wednesdays, and I worked from home until 12.

I got a reply from the tiny house company, and they wanted to have the concrete blocks removed. So we removed them again. For the rest, they are happy with the situation.

We still would like to clean the place where the sheep were last winter. For this, we decided to buy a wash gun to be driven by compressed air and water. While at it, we also got a cleaning gun spraying air and a tire inflating gun for cars. Now we will use our compressor a little more often.

Then we went back to the garden center from the last time and bought another stretch of 50 meters of the hose that emits droplets. When we came home, I installed the new hose for the two salad beds, and the remaining part I installed in the flower garden. Then I planted all the plants I grew from seeds.

Thursday 8 June

This was the big day that the tiny house was delivered. Precisely on time, I got a phone call from the salesperson with the red hair that they started driving to our house.

The roof of the house was spotted on a nearby road.

The house drives around a roundabout.

The house enters the residential area.

Here the house arrived at the edge of our property.

Here is the house. Now comes the tedious process of reversing into the property.

We discussed the route the house would take to reach the final destination. The owner of the Tiny House store is to the left.

Here the wheels of the house are both sides of the pipes.

This is Martijn. He got a transport company moving all sorts of things behind his trucks.

Here is the house in its place. The owner of the tiny house store is to the left, and the salesperson is to the right.


After placing the house in the correct location, we transferred the ownership. It was beautiful weather. The store owner returned to her office while the salesperson stayed and helped me put the plates and trestles in place.

It was a little challenging to get everything on the level. The salesperson left when we got all plates in place and the house was almost correctly leveled. It remained a little mystery how to get it right. I did not have the proper tools, so first things first. I went to the hardware store to get a big enough wrench and a level with magnets.

When I returned with the tools, I could start figuring out how to get things right. The winning approach was to start leveling between the wheels on one side of the house. The next ingredient for success was that I had a spray can with oil, and I sprayed the large nuts with that. From then on, I could stop using our 30-ton jack.

Long-term readers of this blog might recall the spectacular post about how it was to get the jack via mail order on 3 October 2020. That was back when it still rained in Europe from time to time. The original idea with the jack was to get the sea container back to level, but we dropped that idea.

With oil, the nuts of the metal trestles could be turned while bearing the total weight of the house. This was another crucial key to the success of leveling the house because otherwise, I had to lift the house to be able to turn the nuts, and it was not possible to gradually get the house to the right level. Now I turned the nuts while watching the level.

Working from the middle between the wheels and towards the sides was the best way. With one side level, I leveled one short side of the house. With that, two sides were level. Now I continued around the house in the same direction. Next, I leveled the next long side, remembering that the part between the wheels also had to be level. That was important. I hope the last short side was already leveled as a final step. That was not entirely the case.

At this point, I switched strategy; the entire house was good enough for a general level, but now I concentrated on how well the door opened. It is evident that it is not easy to close the door in a skewed house.

Friday 9 June

I worked at the office on Friday.

Saturday 10 June

DW was out with friends, and it was getting scalding outside, so I practiced DJ tricks indoors.

Sunday 11 June

Today we went to FIL and MIL. We did nothing in the garden, it was too hot for that.

It was a hectic week. Next week is no better. The significant achievement this week was the delivery of the tiny house.

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I create, that is my hobby.