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6 February 2020 start building the dirt road

Here is a little slideshow about the first part of the building of the dirt road of the new area where we will build our new house. I found these images in a forum where they were published in the public domain.

It is the first day of the work on the road.

They dug away topsoil, placed road stabilization fabric on the bottom, and drainage along the sides.

The road must be built under clean conditions, so dog poo needs to be picked up, and dogs need to be leached because we do not want dogs buried in the road. Important. The dog poo sign is placed on a wooden stick.

Possible Christmas trees already signaled to enter the area. Usually, they only walk away, but this stray specimen apparently got stuck here due to the three lines hanging here for no reason.

The digger already reached the first junction. There is a lot of dirt going on here.

If you were standing here, you would easily miss the green lines. Those lines are here because, apparently, they are needed to indicate some kind of territory. It is unclear why that is needed here, but we might find out later.

Here we are back! I few pictures ago, there was a wooden stick with the dog poo sign. That sign now has moved to the fence, and the stick has become this fancy red and white steel pole. The situation is mutating quickly here in this area. Are the Christmas trees also walking around, or are they still stuck in the field?

This is from the other side.

Another angle again.

You could think this is close-up of a horse on a bench, but it is the construction of a road. You are looking at the junction and behind the junction, a pile of dirt.

A little closer to the junction. The pile of dirt looks bigger this way.

The junction from a different angle.

Here the builders of the road are driving some vehicles next to the new road that they are building. There are so many trespassers here that you might think they are making the road by hand and compacting the ground with feet.

That boxy vehicle is here for doing research on the ground. It is allowed to drive in the field because it is a tracked vehicle. It is possibly this vehicle that drove next to the road.

This is another day. The weather is fantastic. That digger is working hard.


It is nice to see that the project becomes real.

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I create, that is my hobby.